Reel turning and transport lines

Paper industry – Reel transport line

Reel turning and transport line with complete logistics over several storeys for internal transport from reel slitters to cross cutters and other production machines or to the warehouse, with integrated foil stretch line.

Paper industry – Reel ejector with reel turner

Reel turner for stacks of one and two reels with direct loading from slitter reel ejector. Line with integrated balance.

Label material production – Reel turner line

Reel logistics line with several coupled reel turners for stacks of one and two reels in the label material confectioning line. Manual trolleys are used to load the line.

Paper industry - RRW reel turner with ejector trolley

Reel turner line with track-guided trolley featuring ejector or loading aids.

Paper industry – Reel turner and transport line

Semi-automatic reel turner line with reel conveyor belt and reel turner for removal downstream of the slitter in filter paper production line.

Cardboard industry – Reel conveyor belt with ejector

Chain conveyor for reel transport from the paper board machine to the cross cutter.